Typhoon a Wind Turbine Project!

Typhoon wind turbine
Typhoon wind turbine

The Typhoon gathers the wind, accelerates it in a tube (vortex technology) then turns into energy with a small turbine.



Advantages of Typhoon:

reduction of noise with the Venturi's silencer.

Resistance to high winds, limiting air access with centrifugal masses.

Reducing the size of the turbine, the wind has picked up from the base and released at the top (chimney effect convection motion).

Reduced costs: manufacturing, transport and install a small turbine is fast, easuer and therefore economical. Not need the gearbox and the brake, which has so often caused the fire on giant turbines.



Help us to implement our plan, you can know every detail, and finance it.If you wish can to participate in person to the realization by providing your resources and knowledge.